Ibolya Oláh revealed something surprising about herself: Even the TV2 reporter didn’t bat an eye – Hazai star

Welcome Violet The contestant of the ninth season of Sztárban Sztár, who captivates the judges and viewers week after week with her talent.

During the break between rehearsals for the show, a program TV2Talk about how he prepares each song in the house.

Why is Abulia and his habits?

The singer can’t be silent, that’s why she always has to say something while cooking and learn the lyrics.

Photo: TV2/Sztárban Sztár

– What really turns me off is listening to the radio while I’m cooking. Meanwhile, the song to be learned is playing, and I have the lyrics in front of me. I always put my phone on silent mode so no one can disturb me, otherwise I’m just out of character.

It’s shocking, but while others are disturbed by horror films, they directly soothe and even inspire with their singing. Even Vavra Pines, a reporter for TV2, blinked at this, not believing his ears.

– I was also reassured by the fact that a horror movie was shown during the study, in addition to the radio. I really like it when there is noise around me. I don’t like silence since I was young.

Toth is Andy’s brother

Andy Toth has rarely seen a joint photo posted with her brother: the recording is also special because it was taken at her brother’s wedding. The first photo shows him with his brother, and the third with his lover.

Cover photo: TV2 / Sztárban Sztár

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