“I would not wish any country to go through what we are going through” – correct sign of the Magyar ban – Magyarország molino

We have a polarized opinion about the banning of the great Molinos Hungary, but Leventi Harsani are also upset that they are allowed to communicate in China when negative comments are made about the Leo brothers. According to Tamas Hevesi, “the impossibility is that no one from the team can play at the same time” – when assessing the unfortunate performance of the men’s handball team against the Danes. And we’ll also break down Shakira’s new music video slamming Pique, here at Top Right Pipe. Here is the new video!

Harsányi was not only shocked by the hurtful criticism, but by the fact that they could use the Internet in China

the top right sign In the latest episode, we can’t lose sight of the kind of negative voices accompanying the Liu brothers’ migration to China. Netizens say violent and even hurtful things about the brothers.

Of course, the unfortunate performance of the Hungarian men’s handball team against Denmark was also discussed. Harsani sees it this way:

“We play very old handball. The super pros say that this is the Hungarian style of play. I understand that. But if I have been writing on paper with a fountain pen since 1814, and now it is 2023, it might be worth buying a computer and a keyboard.”

Few people know about Tamas Hevesi that he is a professional football coach, but he is also a singer-songwriter, so he took an active part in

Let’s take a look at Shakira’s ex-husband Gerard Pique’s hottest ‘Wipeout’ clip!

Here it is top right sign The last episode where we talk about sports with unabashed sports fans. Click on the video!

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