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I woke up knowing that I would be the world champion

I woke up knowing that I would be the world champion

The Hungarian now had two world champions in short-track speed skating – new gold medalist Liu Shawang revealed: He knew he was going to win.


Liu Shauang was carried forward all day with a morning thought (Image: MTI)

– Thank you. Can I tell you anything? I woke up on Saturday morning knowing that I would be the world champion.

Here ?!
“It may have been strange to hear this decision, but it was.” I felt like I was going to get a gold medal in the world championships. But I didn’t tell anyone about it.

And did this idea help even when I knocked out the Five Thousand Five Hundred Final?
“Yes, I took the idea of ​​the morning with me all day long, and I did not swing at the most difficult moments because I knew that gold would be around my neck at the end of the day. This slip had a precedent: In the semifinals of the fifteen hundred, my blade smashed – on both my sled. By chance, because I got into a fight by mistake and slipped into the backboard; the fact that the judges would advance to the finals was not an issue. But then, a different kind of run started – this time we raced against time. We only had thirty minutes left until The final match, no matter how distinguished our technicians were, this is a short period, so they couldn’t bring my blades to 100% condition in the final. This also caused me to slip in the final, and my sled also hit the ice, and if that happened then the fall usually comes .. .

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Are you so desperate?
“I’m not saying I jumped for joy, but it still pushes me forward with the morning feeling. The consciousness with which I woke up: I’ll be the world champion in Dordrecht on Saturday!

Does this mean that they have been able to prepare smoothly since the Gdansk continental battle in January?
I’m not in my best condition yet, but I can ski much more freely than I was in the European Championships.

We are also adding it quickly. Very fast.
At five hundred meters, it’s really important who is running at any time, and I was fastest in the quarter-finals and then in the semi-finals on Saturday, so I can start from every track in the finals.

What tactics did you take on the ice?
“I knew that Simeon Yelstratov, who was starting next to me, wasn’t going to start well, so my tactic was to keep him away from the Russian as much as possible – it took me or three laps to catch up.” I also felt it was coming, I saw it on the displays.

The tactic was quickly withdrawing from its Russian opponent (Image: MTI)

We also ordered more ice-side shows for last year’s European Championships in Debrecen because I used to watch them while racing. It helps a lot.

He had another help on Saturday.
– Yes, Brother Shaolin. Trainers helped too, of course, Lena also stood in the training box, but I could not hear her less, plus she was wearing a mask, while Shaolin was standing in a place where she was not required to wear it.

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Have you heard your brother all the time?
– Yeah. Shaolin was already roaring next to the backboard in the semi-finals, and it was so helpful that when I was in second, he shouted that he was calm, calm and away from me in third place, so then I can safely prepare to overtake and this year’s European track champion Russian Konstantin Evliev left. Then finally, he was also cheered and roared all the way.

It was a very touching moment as they hugged after reaching the finish line.
“It was only natural that I ran to him for the first time after I reached the finish line!” It was so good that I was able to hug my brother for the first time … I couldn’t go to the trainers anyway because they were a little taller, plus there was a fence separating them.

I think then that they have replaced everything in the locker room.
– Abundance.

What did Lina say?
– You were good. I mean, you skied really well.

It is true.
“I also feel well attentive, and I’m very happy with the gold medal, but I don’t want to celebrate it yet, because there are more races waiting for me on Sunday – I sincerely hope that the closing day Vébé will be more beautiful than it was on Saturday.

Short Course Speed ​​Skating Championships, DORDRECHT
Men. 500 meters. World Champion: Liu Shaoang (Hungary, Club: FTC, Coach: Csang Csing Lina, Bánhidi Ákos) 40.524,
2 – Simeon Yelstratov (Russia) 40603, 3. Pietro Siegel (Italy) 673 40, 8. Liu Shaolin Sandor (Hungary)
1500 meters. Vb: Charles Hamelin (Canada) 2: 18.143,
2. Itzak De Lat (Netherlands) 2: 18.202, 3. Simgon Yelstratov (Russian Team) 2: 18.296, 4 – Liu Shaolin Sandor 2: 18.437, … 7. Liu Shauang 3: 06.287. Complex competition case (after two spaces): 1 – Charles Hamlin Bridge 36, 2. Liu Shawang 36, 3. Gelistratov 34, … 6. Liu Shaolin Sandor 8.

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