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I wish | You’re banning Counter-Strike 2 because of something completely innocent

I wish |  You’re banning Counter-Strike 2 because of something completely innocent

In Counter-Strike 2, the first cheats have already appeared. The game doesn’t seem to be banning them from the servers after all.

10/24/2023 – It’s been almost a month since Counter-Strike 2 was officially released. Before the launch, players could try it out for half a year, as part of limited testing. The developers are constantly working, since the “open” beta at the end of August, approximately two or three updates arrive every week. Most of the cosmetic elements have already been fixed, just as there is no major problem in eliminating serious bugs. It will take several months before the title is fully ready, and hopefully Valve won’t run out of steam either.

However, in the last two weeks, players may be subjected to several interesting bans. In the first wave, players using the m_yaw command, which can be used without sv_cheats 1, were banned by Counter-Strike 2’s security. The company has not accepted this false ban since then, and players can only hope that Valve will notice them sooner or later. Then the AMD driver messed things up by introducing Anti-Lag, which was also a direct path to a ban. Fortunately, Valve reacted quickly here, as they actually removed the VAC ban over the weekend. However, this time VAC Live seems to be biting on something more innocent.

Is a slightly higher DPI enough for Counter-Strike VAC?

In recent days on Twitter and On Reddit Also more users Shown, that Game He innocently banned them from the Counter-Strike 2 servers. You might think these are excuses, but someone shot a video of the entire procedure to prove that VACNet is actually a bit overzealous. To block it, it is enough to directly or accidentally set the mouse to a high DPI and perform a few quick swipes and shooting. This is a worrying bug, since many people in CS:GO did it as a joke, not to mention that many mice also have a dedicated DPI button, which can easily be pressed accidentally. Hopefully Valve will respond quickly to this phenomenon as well, until then It is worth being careful with such innocent jokes.

impossible! – This is what the legendary Counter-Strike map in UE5 looks like

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