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I wish You will be addicted to this – one of the most addictive video game series in the world is being created

I wish  You will be addicted to this – one of the most addictive video game series in the world is being created

One of the best games of 2022 is also being made into a series.

For those who haven’t played it, it can be very hard to believe what level Vampire Survivors can engage anyone, regardless of age or gender. Almost nothing emerges from the game’s videos, so the one-time observer blinks in confusion: It must be a sham that this seriously addictive roguelike is.

That’s who I was, so I can say from experience that Vampire Survivors is very addictive. You start, you don’t even notice you’ve gone for another round, you try to survive again, you try a new ability, character, level – and before the day is over you can go to bed… I just press again.

The game has become a huge craze, winning several BAFTA awards in 2022, which then leads to more and more copies of the recipe. With the advent of clones and clones that often hide deceptive and malicious code, the developers made Vampire Survivors completely free, which then led to even larger mobs.

Due to the unexpected success, additional contents of smaller and larger sizes have also appeared, expanding the scope of the already huge game, which is now about to reach another level. Media company Story Kitchen announced it along with the game’s creator, Luca Galanté

Animated series that reveals the world, lore and history of the Vampire Survivors.

And the series is in good hands: Story Kitchen’s boss is Dmitri Johnson, who was the co-producer of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie series, along with Derek Kolstad, also responsible for John Wick. Delivery time According to his information, the Vampire Survivors series is currently in the preparatory phase, that is, they are still looking for the crew and the writer, but perhaps they can start working already this year.

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The game itself doesn’t go into a lot of detail anyway, so the series could be pretty much anything. According to the basic plot, in a lesser-known part of Italy, an evil named Bisconte Draculo has brought starvation and misery into the world through a spell, against which members of the Belpaese family with various abilities fight. However, during their journey, millions of Horrors attempt to destroy them.

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