I wish Work Monitor | You can win over 10,000 HUF at Bethesda Games

This time around, you should hurry: For a short time, you can get Publisher’s Ritual titles at partial prices, at a 50-85% discount.

Bethesda has slashed the prices of its biggest games, so in the publishing fair, PC versions of these franchises are available for a fraction of the original prices, such as

Fallout (1-3 and New Vegas), The Elder Scrolls (Morrowind, IV Oblivion, Skyrim, Daggerfall, Arena) Dishonored (1-2), or Wolfenstein all.

Among the offerings are Doom (1-3, 64) games for sale literally for buttons, and then we didn’t even talk about discounted editions of The Evil Within series, or the Quake franchise (1-4 and Arena) and, for example, Prey, which ( Depending on the version) immediately added to the offer at a discount of 75-80%.

The offerings include full games, extended editions, downloadable content, season passes, episodes, and even a soundtrack for The Evil Within, though it doesn’t say a discount on that. The Bethesda Publisher Sale is offering the biggest titles at such massive discounts for just a few days, that you can keep forever even after your discounted purchase. reduction on the side There is a countdown that ends at midnight on May 25th.

There are places where you get credit when you make a purchase:

Work Monitor | In addition to the discounts, you’ll now also receive Epic Games Store credit

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