I wish Work Monitor | Epic offers one of the best post-apocalypse games for free

Epic Games couldn’t put a better gift under the Christmas tree for players on Christmas Eve.

The Epic Games staff seems to be spending the holidays this year in a post-apocalyptic mood, as in the past couple of days they’ve gifted four games that take place in a world after a nuclear disaster. And this chain will not be interrupted on the tenth day of giving the gift of the feast, when an uncrowned king is presented to the subject.

The free Epic Games Store Christmas Eve game is nothing but Metro Last Light Redux.

Without any exaggeration, Last Light is one of the best pieces of the Metro series, which Dmitry Glukhovsky did rather poorly than the Metro 2034 book, i.e. the story of the official sequel – Fortunately for us – Instead, Artyom weaves the story of the apocalypse, which often turns into horror, into an alternative thread. While Last Light isn’t as free-to-play as Exodus, the plot, which still takes place largely in the tunnels of the Russian subway, is much tighter and tense than that of the sequel.

Polished version of the excellent game You can download it from here for freeAnd the But it is important that only one day is available for this. On December 25, at exactly 17:00, it will be replaced by another cool game.

It’s been a rough year – this was the best series of 2022, and it’s a sin number to miss

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