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I wish | Which is located behind the loading screen

I wish |  Which is located behind the loading screen

Have you ever wondered what happens when you load a game? We will tell you that it does not depend only on the speed of our back storage.

03/05/2021 – The loading screen is a situation that we unfortunately see several times a day, but we don’t like to look at it for a long time. If it appears, it does not simply mean that data is loaded into the computer’s memory, but that the program also performs other operations so that the game is just waiting for our interaction. Some games, eg. Fortnite is also trying to temper our expectations a bit with a unique loading screen wallpaper that can be obtained, with greater or less success.

Application life cycle

In the diagram below, we can see the simplified operations of the application, from launching to clicking the finish button. By definition, transferring data (data transfer) and creating the appropriate environment (environment configuration) will be important for us. Sometimes things don’t happen at the same time, the application copies some data into memory, then processes it, then copies it again, then processes it… and this sequence of events repeats itself until it’s ready.

Copy data to memory

SSD is always the best option

Undoubtedly, it will take a long time before we can get control of the game. Then the game copies the things it needs to memory and video memory. Of course, the raw speed is also very important, and it doesn’t matter what form the game has to copy this data. We can talk about a 1 GB file or a group of millions of files of the same size. This is the place “Time to seek“, the time required to retrieve a specific piece of information.

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Let’s look at a simple example. Our backup volume “A” is running at 1 GB/s, but with a seek time value of 5 ms, while our backup volume “B” is running at 100 MB/s, but with a seek time value of 0.05 ms:

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