I wish  Was this really the right direction?

I wish Was this really the right direction?

More and more games are switching to a similar model.

In the past few days, the events around Rainbow Six Siege’s house had intensified again. Not coincidentally, since Season 4 Season 4 hit the beta server, bringing it the final Season of Year 7 on players’ machines. Players can prepare for many new developments. In addition to the usual cosmetic items, a new minion and a new path, one of the main elements of the game will also be changed.

The first official Battle Pass arrived in the game at the beginning of 2020, and since Operation Void Edge, it’s been a permanent part of first-person shooters. Its operation was very simple, users could advance the card in a linear way, thus getting both free and paid rewards.

In a matter of days, a completely renewed system welcomes players!

Already in the middle of summer, there were rumors that Ubisoft was working on a modified Battle Pass system. Fortnite developers have been giving a freer hand when it comes to unlocking for a while now, and more and more studios seem to like the idea. Warzone 2.0 x Modern Warfare II Season 01, which debuted in mid-November, arrived with a Battle Pass mechanic that provided some wiggle room.

In the video above, we can now see the ticket in action. In fact, the route indicating the slots is similar to the subway map mentioned earlier. The icons indicate what kind of cosmetic items can be unlocked, and the path will be marked, but in each ‘fork’ we can decide where we want to proceed. By hitting the season cap, we will of course collect all the items sooner or later.

Can we expect a real skin plumping?! – Here is the complete lineup of the R6S Y7S4

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