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I wish | The ranking system in Counter-Strike 2 has completely declined

I wish |  The ranking system in Counter-Strike 2 has completely declined

On paper, Counter-Strike 2 brought significant improvements, but unfortunately reality shows that none of them were the best.

09.01.2024 – Counter-Strike 2 brought a lot of innovations. However, in addition to the basic changes, Valve also touched on matches and ranks. It used to take 16 rounds (or overtime) to win matches, but in Counter-Strike 2 that changes. With Valve's MR12 format, up to 13 winning rounds are enough, with which we can get more dynamic and exciting matches on paper. This change in itself led to the division of society. Some say it fulfilled the developers' hopes, while others return to the old system.

The ranks that can be obtained in the game have also changed at several levels. On the one hand, since the end of September 2023, the game has been assigning the “normal” ranks found in CS:GO by track. That is, someone could be on the Global Elite Dust 2 while just scratching the Nova 3 on the Vertigo. This can encourage players to try new or lesser-known paths without any risk of being ranked. Premier Mode has its own rating, which can be found in Counter-Strike 2 under the name CS Rating. Valve doesn't even experiment with names here, the game simply shows the score achieved. However, the two ranks are completely independent of each other.

It seems that something went wrong with the ranking system in Counter-Strike 2

On paper, the above changes look good, as they meet the needs of casual and (semi-)professional players at the same time. However, most users have recently reported that they are getting unrealistically difficult matches. And on top of that, the fact that even with 10 wins, the game puts them in the silver zone and they can't even get out of there. Nowadays, many websites monitor Counter-Strike 2 statistics, CSStats With really interesting information It has been applied in the last few days.

Counter hit statistics in Dust 2 – CSS statistics

By analyzing the data of more than 3 million players, the creators of the site came to the conclusion that the LE, LEM, SMFC and Global Elite rankings are currently missing from the stadiums. The game squeezes players between Silver 1 and DMG. Not only can this be frustrating for many, but it also gives a certain number of players 4 lower ranks, which can lead to very unbalanced matches. or not By valve Soon he will improve the rank distribution.

You're still searching in vain for these commands in Counter-Strike 2

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