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I wish | The new Samsung Galaxy S24 series can be subscribed

I wish |  The new Samsung Galaxy S24 series can be subscribed

Samsung could introduce the new devices within two months. In the past few days, particularly scary news has emerged.

06.11.2023 – Apple announced the iPhone 15 series on September 12. Ten days later, on September 22, distribution began. The new generation also launched in our country at the same time, and fortunately, local iPhone fans will not have to wait extra weeks for some time now. It’s no secret that Samsung is paving the way for upcoming Galaxy phones. New devices are usually introduced around February, but Samsung has changed this year’s schedule a bit.

According to the latest information, the Samsung Galaxy S24 phones could arrive as early as mid-January, on January 18th to be precise. We do not know the reason for the rush, and it is possible that we will get the answer to that during the coming period. However, many people also forget that the giant company actually only switched to February during the coronavirus outbreak. The Galaxy S21 debuted on January 15, while the Galaxy S20 debuted on January 10, so it’s easy for the manufacturer to simply return to its old, familiar self. The phones will likely be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, but certain regions may receive phones with the Exynos chip. The “regular” 24 and 24+ devices can’t be ashamed either, as here there is a 120 Hz OLED display and 12 GB of memory, as well as support for OneUI 6 and Android 14. Only the camera may be a little behind compared to the Ultra version.

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Some Samsung Galaxy S24 functions may require a subscription

Based on current information, it seems very likely that Samsung will also charge users additional fees. This subscription will unleash the AI ​​capabilities of modern phones. One might think this is justified, since the company can’t run the servers for free either. However, the above tweet clearly highlights that this applies to AI/AI tasks running on phones, which don’t even reach external servers. It is very likely that Samsung will decline as a result of the not very positive reception, and we will only know that in the first half of 2024.

source: Computer forum

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