I wish The new Fortnite season comes first

Epic Games was forced to take an unusual step.

Developers Epic Games have been relatively good at sticking to pre-determined deadlines in recent years. In some cases, there have been delays regarding when Fortnite seasons start, but this wasn’t typical. After the arrival of Chapter 4 Season 1, the game interface revealed that we can say goodbye to the current period on March 11th.

However, something seems to have changed in the interior design in the meantime. Perhaps for the first time in the life of the game, the new season starts a few days instead of the predetermined day. According to the latest Twitter message, the final day of the first season falls on March 8th. The big question might be what made the developers do this.

Let’s see what can await us in the last week and a half!

Thanks to leaks and official information, we have several sure points:

  • On Tuesday, the second batch of Witcher missions will open, so we can expand the repertoire with new cosmetic items
  • The Season 1 final update will arrive on Tuesday, bringing new missions, new skins, and improvements to the game
  • And starting March 2, Supercharged XP is waiting for players who are late to level up
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At the beginning of the season there were many rumors regarding a possible event. The date March 11th would have confirmed it, but it could easily have been something that didn’t fit in with the event during the tests. This would explain why the start was moved to a “medium” Tuesday. We can’t get an answer to this until after Tuesday’s update, but the community is already hungry for an actual in-game event.

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