I wish The developers have polished one of the tools for Warzone 2

Many believe it was a deliberate understatement.

In the previous part of Warzone, you really couldn’t find a player who didn’t use a heart rate sensor. The little device did an excellent job of detecting the approximate location of nearby opponents, so we could prepare for clashes. The Ghost perk helped offset the effectiveness somewhat, but it was still a must in matches. Infinity Ward, of course, was aware of the device’s power.

So the developers equipped the useful item with a 100-second battery, so you need to be more careful about the available time. In addition, many people have also noticed that the range has been greatly weakened, and the community can rightly believe that this was a completely conscious change.

Looks like the developers made a mistake again!

JGOD, a Warzone 2 expert, has drawn his followers’ attention to the fact that the heart rate sensor has really gotten stronger in the recent period. The decrease in range after the start seems to disappear, as the tool detects up to 50 meters instead of the previous 15 meters. Fortunately, the developers responded quickly Also for feedback. According to their claim, it was never intended to reduce range, and unfortunately we can talk about an unfortunate bug or bug this time as well. It’s a great question why it took almost half a year to fix the problem, but it looks like we can now safely get our hands on a heart rate sensor in games.

One of the most annoying Warzone bugs ever is back

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