I wish Riot finally slapped LoL’s most oppressive character

It took a hugely successful animated series from Netflix and a massive dash to make this hero indelible from the public consciousness.

It took a hit Netflix animated series and a huge dash to bring the unbreakable Caitlyn out of the public consciousness. However, a huge nerf slap has arrived recently, apparently shaking Sheriff off.

Having dominated almost the entire bot line meta at all levels of the game in the 2022 season, Caitlyn remains a solid selection, but her untouchable aura has worn off. Riot was only set to cause all this after Caitlyn was able to show an 87.5 percent pick rate after the end of the main stage of the 2022 World Championship.

Incidentally, this indicator made the sniper one of the most oppressive competitive ADCs in League of Legends history.

Currently, Caitlyn is still considered an oppressive character when paired with heroes like Morgana or Lux who can combine their bonds (root, stunner) with Caitlyn’s traps. But until some changes are madethe mayor of Piltover will likely be out of action for several cycles – much to the delight of major league players.

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