I wish No more tricks?

It’s also a wise decision from a user’s point of view.

It is no secret that there are a lot of misleading apps in the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, the control system in the Apple App Store is not the same as before, but the applications on iPhones have fewer rights. However, in the case of Android, there could be a high possibility that the developers of these apps could gain access to more of our sensitive data. In milder cases, they list a bunch of simply useless functions, which are absolutely useless.

Apps that promise to improve the battery or system level for unsuspecting users can be divided into separate categories. Owners of low-end devices would love to try it out. It’s no big secret that in 99% of cases, they are worthless in the long run, even if they manage to hide some kind of malware on the devices.

Google has dominated these apps, starting with Android 14, we can say goodbye to such useless apps.

the 9to5Google Based on your information In Android 14, the app will not be able to kill background processes of other apps. It didn’t mean much before, because in most cases it restarted automatically a few minutes after launch. Thanks to this, the use of such software actually results in more computing performance than if we hadn’t even touched the system. Unfortunately, due to the slow spread, these apps may stay with us for a while, but hopefully, Google will slowly clean them up.

This is not the only step we can expect:

It all works well – the Google Play Store will soon be expanded with useful innovation

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