I wish No more freezing?

Developers pay special attention to feedback.

As mentioned beforeA particularly exciting time awaits Valorant. At the moment we can’t find a new version on the PBE test server either, but Riot Games is not idle. The game engine will undergo an update in the coming weeks, which the company’s developers are already working on. In addition, the Collection interface and Spray menu can also be changed at the beginning of June.

However, players were surprised when they noticed that the Valorant test server received a new update early Saturday morning. For a long time it was not even possible to find out exactly what the repair package contains. The data miners didn’t find anything worth mentioning when searching the files. Version 6.10 did not include new skins or changes.

Can we say goodbye to freezing?

Despite the fact that Valorant 1.0 has been with us for almost 3 years, unfortunately there are still some bugs that make life difficult for players. There’s nothing worse than having Valorant at the end of a match throw you straight to the Windows desktop instead of the menu. Recently, there have been many such complaints from gamers. Fortunately, there was no need to fear the specialists at Riot Games either, they seem to have found a solution to the aforementioned freezing error. PBE users are requested to test this patch. There’s a good chance we’ll receive the production branch hotfix early next week, so everything clicks through to access the updated game engine and new functionality by the beginning of June.

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Even the game engine is undergoing a revamp – really exciting Valorant updates are coming

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