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I wish | Netflix also set a series record in 2023

I wish |  Netflix also set a series record in 2023

We've gathered the series that Netflix will permanently cut in 2023 into one giant list that will be continuously updated until the end of the year.

11/16/2023 – Does it make sense to start a new series on Netflix? – is probably the question many will ask when they reach the end of this year's list of canceled series for the most popular streaming service provider. The question is a very legitimate one, because if we take a quick average, it is clear that most series of shots are never given a second chance.

Of course, there are also contents that were received positively by both critics and viewers, but despite this, they did not achieve great success, and either for a very short time, or they did not manage to make their way into everyone's rating lists. Since Netflix's decision makers mostly decide whether to keep a series alive based on schedules and budget plus or minus, no matter how valuable and interesting the concept is, or whether the crew is enthusiastic, if no one watches the series, it's big and we'll find out Increasingly in a larger Netflix graveyard.

Just like the ill-fated 28 series the company did in 2023 Until now He told. Based on the law of large numbers, we can be pretty sure that we will find one of them that we would have liked to stick with, but unfortunately we will never know how their story would have ended. For some, it is really unfortunate, but for others we leave it without tears, but the question posed at the beginning of the article is justified in most cases, which is that

Is it worth starting a series on Netflix when there's a high probability that we'll never get to the end?

sickle: Level immediately after the SAG-AFTRA Actors and Writers Strike, in November 2023 | he lived: Season 2

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sickle: November 2023, due to the small number of viewers compared to the large budget, it was expected that there would be no new parts | he lived: One season

sickle: Hardly anyone watched it, in November 2023 it was announced that there would be no sequel | he lived: One season

sickle: Although the script for the second season was ready, it was canceled in November 2023 due to low viewership | he lived: One season

sickle: According to Deadline, so few people watched it that in November 2023, Netflix gave way to that as well | he lived: One season

sickle: Celeste Barber, the series' creator, announced the bad news on Instagram in October 2023 | he lived: One season

sickle: We've known for a long time that there was a lot more to the documentary series that started in 2019, but it only became official in 2019 | he lived: One season

sickle: Catherine Tate revealed on the BBC Breakfast Show in July that the comedy, which debuted in 2022, would no longer be returning | he lived: Season 1

sickle: An uninteresting reality show that generated more articles than viewers, so in July 2023, Deadline announced the cut | he lived: Season 1

sickle: Due to a significant drop in viewership, Netflix filmed the Spanish series in July 2023 | he lived: 2 seasons

sickle: After 2021's The Sky Breaker, the series came in March 2023, but since it did not live up to expectations in any way, it was actually filmed in July | he lived: One season

sickle: Very few people watched it, so a few weeks after it came out, in July 2023, it was already cut | he lived: One season

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sickle: Although it started out as an ambitious series, it unfortunately did not achieve the viewership that Netflix had hoped for, so part two was filmed in mid-May | he lived: One season

sickle: Rowan Atkinson's return could have been big, and although it had some good moments, it was not stronger than the mediocre ones, so it was confirmed in May 2023 that there would be no new parts | he lived: One season

sickle: This was a Mexican reboot of a popular Spanish series from the 2000s, which almost no one had heard of – as the actors revealed in May that there would be no sequel | he lived: 2 seasons

sickle: One of Netflix's romantic series LMTQ+, which was launched in May after 8 episodes | he lived: One season

sickle: The Magic Empire's scythe spin-off was reported by Deadline last April, and many won't miss it | he lived: One season

sickle: In April, the spin-off of the teen series “My Neighborhood” quietly took off as it happened | he lived: One season

sickle: Despite the sexual content, not many people were interested in the erotic drama, so the ending was announced in April | he lived: 2 seasons

sickle: Benjamin Harris's police drama has its final verdict in March 2023 | he lived: 2 seasons

sickle: In the wake of the scandals surrounding Season 5 (an LMTQ+ character was included), Netflix cut the children's animated series almost immediately, in March | he lived: 5 seasons

sickle: Although Turkish sci-fi got off to a very promising start, it never had much success even in its home country – we can also tell the story from one of the actors | he lived: One season

sickle: Although they started filming the second part of the K-drama at the beginning of the year, Netflix released the entire crew in the middle of work in January | he lived: One season

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sickle: Netflix filmed Neil Patrick Harris' romantic series LMTQ+ in January, and a few months later it was saved by SkyShowtime, so Season 1 and other upcoming seasons can already be found there | he lived: One season

sickle: The end of the popular LGBTQ+ animated series was announced by the creator himself in mid-January 2023 on Twitter | he lived: 2 seasons

sickle: Although the drama series from David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, creators of the Game of Thrones series, has received excellent reviews (and awards), due to poor viewership, it has already been rumored that it will be filmed in 2022, which already became official in January 2023 | he lived: One season

sickle: Netflix first ordered the new season, and then it was just cancelled, much to the dismay of creator Shion Takeuchi, | he lived: 2 seasons

sickle: The mystery series from the creators of the hugely successful Dark started with great enthusiasm, but the smoke became bigger than the flame, so after a sharp decline in viewership, its verdict was pronounced surprisingly quickly at the beginning of 2023 | he lived: One season

What series do you hate the most on Netflix? What would you rather watch next?

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