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I wish Muttered, bring Ratio!

I wish  Muttered, bring Ratio!

Here, the invention of the millennium, the toy toilet, was born.

02/08/2022 – Thanks to the Nintendo Game Boy, it’s been a long time since it was an issue for a gamer to pass the time while doing their big game. This type of pastime has evolved further thanks to portable consoles later, then mobile phones, and now cloud gaming, and while none of it comes close to a true big screen experience, it still works quite well. However, the videographer has come up with a completely new solution to the problem of playing Thrones.

What if the toilet itself was a gaming machine?

How did we not think of this before? – we can ask a completely legitimate question, to which the quick answer “because he’s stupid” can fly. It is true that if the toilet were a real console or PC for gamers, the number of people suffering from hemorrhoids would suddenly increase dramatically, although even with that risk, it would certainly be Eric Cartmans’ best Christmas gift.

Why didn’t I say what it was about? Well, about how the videographer of the Basically Homeless YouTube channel turned a gaming machine, or rather, a gamer computer, out of a brick. All this so that you can not only play, but also defecate while sitting on it, which will certainly come in handy for those who can keep their bowel movements until their last breath for a game or task.

Thanks to the invention of the videographer, you no longer have to go to the toilet, thus interrupting the gaming experience, all you have to do is fold the seat.

And this thing, however surprising it may be, works. He managed to install everything in his water tank completely unobtrusively, and he even got cool RGB lighting for free. So what is this if not genius?

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