I wish It’s a good start! – A built-in wall hack appeared in the CS2 beta

CS2 players can now literally play through the wall trick. Hopefully, Valva will take very quick steps on this.

Despite the fact that Valve is preparing to release CS2 with very serious anti-cheat software and will by default exclude those who have already been banned, unfortunately you can still expect cheaters in the game. However, we didn’t anticipate that the game itself would enable cheating, with the practically left-hand feature giving players a free wall hack.

According to a video, the players are now just a file “cl_physics_highlight_active 5” You can access the wall breach in the CS2 demo by typing the command, so you can instantly see enemies through walls. Those who enter this will see the position of the enemy based on the square of the character. As it turns out, anyone can use this in CS2 matches.

Here is the guide:

However, it is important to know that currently CS2 can only be played in an invite-only system, and the purpose of the beta is to identify and correct bugs that plague the game. While Valve hasn’t publicly commented on the matter yet, it’s an option that won’t be available in the game when it launches this summer.

Of course, this is not the only bug and glitch that occurs in the CS2 beta. Players are encountering bugs one by one, all waiting to be fixed. Moreover, this is not even the first cheat in CS2, since the program is already prepared for this in principle. For example, players have encountered an error that causes everyone to be kicked out of the game.

Oh yeah, turn 2
by St / Mohagram 328 String Global aggression

It looks like Valve will still have a lot of work to do in CS2 development.

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