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I wish | Intel may announce 25 new processors

I wish |  Intel may announce 25 new processors

Intel wasn’t kidding when it prepared its 14th generation plans. The generational jump won’t be too big, but everyone will be able to choose.

10.09.2023 – It has not been a secret for a long time that Intel will unveil its next series of CPUs in September. The 14th generation will be called Raptor Lake Refresh, which could be quite telling. On the one hand, Generations The jump will not be too big, and on the other hand, users can still be happy. It will be possible to install the new modules in 12th and 13th generation motherboards without any further problems, and most manufacturers have already prepared BIOS updates. It was a great question about what kind of lineup Intel is preparing. Many people thought that due to the nature of the update, only a few new arrivals would arrive, but based on the latest rumors, the selection will truly be plentiful.

Intel 14th Gen Core series production broken down by component:

  • Personal computer 1 KS Series (150W Special Edition)
  • 3 pieces K Series (125W)
  • 3 pieces KF Series (125W, but no iGPU)
  • 7 pieces Non-K Series (65-46W)
  • 4 pcs F Series (65W, but no iGPU)
  • 7 pieces T Series (35W)

There will be plenty to choose from, Intel produces no fewer than 25 processors

The image above was posted on Twitter a few days ago, thanks to a certified data miner. We can read more useful information with the help of this, which partially confirms the previous rumors:

  • Intel will cover all segments, which is why we can cater for 2- and 24-core modules
  • In the more popular i5 segment, we’ll continue to see 6P+4E and 6P+8E designs
  • i3 processors will still have 4 cores, but Intel hasn’t completely abandoned the weaker units
  • DDR4 and DDR5 support will still be available, and DDR5-only exclusivity may reach the 15th generation
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Intel is expected to unveil the new modules on September 19, at its innovation event. First, the top-end K and KF models will arrive in October 2023. Weaker, non-K models will likely have to wait until the beginning of 2024. The absolute winner of this generation, the i9-14900KS, is expected to arrive only next year. First of all, it is worth looking for the i5-14600K, i7-14700K, i9-14900K and their F variants without iGPU on store shelves.

source: Video card

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