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I wish | If you liked Drakan at the time, try Skyfear right away

I wish |  If you liked Drakan at the time, try Skyfear right away

Skyfear is exactly the same game as Dragon Rider Drakan of the time, but without the single player campaign.

Daniel Boddy

05/27/2024 – When you look at Skyfear, Drakan jumps out at you at a deep level, but even on the second and third glance. Obviously me too, but that's not a coincidence at all: dragon riding was an important (and very cool) element of the great fantasy action game of the early 2000s, which has since only been experienced in a single game To bring it back into vogue, the unfortunate game Scalebound, which started out as an Xbox exclusive, was mysteriously cut.

That's right, in Skyfear you control a dragon directly, not indirectly, and the human intermediary has been taken out of the formula this time. But this is not the only difference between Skyfear and Drakan: the game has no story at all, and it also lacks a single-player campaign. Instead, its only developer also returned to the multiplayer modes so dominant and popular in the 2000s (it was also in Drakan), that is, in Skyfear we have to hunt other players while flying in the air with dragons in a large field.

And that's really the recipe. But that's more than enough to make Skyfear enjoyable. No microtransactions, pay to win spending, unnecessary skins, purchasable bases and downloadable content. Just start the game, search for a 6v6 match, invite your friends, shoot the sticks, it doesn't really matter, just have a good time. All this is combined with a fairly fair vision, well-made tracks and well-thought-out air combat gameplay, which is difficult to get bored of.

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So, if you're bored of bananas, or modern online shooters that are often samey or mired in self-repetition, you should definitely give Skyfeart a try. In principle, it will be released this year, and it will probably be very cheap, but before that you can try it for free – and at the same time, we can help in its ongoing development that lasts for 7 years. For this only developer/Skyfear To your Discord channel You must join, as up to 200 people can request access, and if so, which is usually the case during the testing period between June 1 and 15, you may get it.

Even if all 200 empty seats aren't filled, it's worth the rush. If you missed it, there's nothing wrong with that, because they are said to be putting the finishing touches on it, and soon – I think weeks, a month or two max – it could be broadcast live. Make a wish list, of course In your Steam profile you know.

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Cover Photo: Mike Stagg

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