I wish Four new weapons and many innovations

The developers have published the roadmap.

As expected, the Call of Duty Season 3 draft was released on Thursday night. The developers haven’t been dragging out the unveiling for quite a while, but they’ll be explaining more of the new stuff in detail by next Wednesday. However, with the help of the roadmap image, we can get a comprehensive picture of what we should be planning for the next eight weeks.

Let’s see what Season 3 holds!

Warzone 2

  • Ranked and loot game modes arrive mid-season
  • Resurgence mode begins at the beginning of the season on Farm Island
  • We also get new gulags
  • The Deployable Purchase Station item becomes active mid-season, as Perk Packs see the light of day
  • Redeployment drones will also arrive on the farm map
  • Drone towers appeared for the first time


  • We get 5 new tracks
  • Cranked and Gunfight game modes make their debut
  • The third episode of Raid arrives in the middle of the season

demilitarized zone

  • The barter system has arrived with which we can exchange things and weapons at purchase stations
  • We will have three digits for the active operator
  • With the newly arrived workbench, we can modify the forbidden weapons
  • New faction arrives
  • We also get new AI bosses


  • We wouldn’t be without the Battle Pass this time either
  • We can also welcome four new weapons into the game: FJX Imperium (Sniper), Cronen Squall (BR) and two new pistols.

We’ll get to know the new features in detail in the next few days. There is not much left now, the third season will start in a few days.

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