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I wish | CS2 1v1 conflicts with Kodiak

I wish |  CS2 1v1 conflicts with Kodiak

Prove yourself against real pros on Unibet Hungary’s Twitch channel, and if you’re really good, you’ll win a Steam Voucher! Details here.

03.11.2023 – Appears again with an exciting stream Unibet Hungary Twitch The Beat the Pro Challenge channel has recently appeared in addition to the usual broadcast. In this weekly show, you can be the main character if you beat the professional player in the show. In this series, it was already possible to fight against Ducky and Jordanfaki, so there was already League of Legends, Fortnite and even World of Tanks. This time Kodiak will be the challenger!

In the latest edition of the Beat the Pro Challenge, the CS2 Challenge awaits and Kodiak will be your opponent!

This is the core of the challenge Unibet faces

The Beat the Pro Challenge gives you a great opportunity to be just that Unibet Hungary channel on Twitch, prove it live to your viewers. You can flash and show off: If you act together, you can compete with real professionals, who may also be your favorite streamers. Be part of the show, where you can not only play with a professional content producer, but you can also win prizes.

Sign up for a 1v1 match against Kodiak!

The new Beat the Pro Challenge will be broadcast on November 3rd from 6pm to 10pm, so you’ll have plenty of time to get in on the show. The guest is the former Hungarian national team, champion of many professional Counter Strike matches. Kodiak Show what you can do against the pros in a 1v1 match and win!

If you win, Unibet will reward you with a $10 Steam Gift Card!

For live matches, you can tap Chat !I dare you With the command. The system automatically selects from among the applicants those who might come face to face with Kodiak. Everyone has the same opportunity to enter the lottery, but you only need to register once – don’t worry, you’ve already succeeded.

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