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I wish | Clean it because it will die!

I wish |  Clean it because it will die!

Clean console, decent player.

02/14/2023 – Cleanliness is at least as important for your dear companion, your beloved Xbox Series S, as it is for you. Bathing infrequently will not only make you smell bad, but it is also more attractive to many insects, while human company will be far away from you. Problems with an unclean console, although fundamentally different, could not be less worrying, for example

  • If it is very dirty, it can be relatively louder
  • If it is higher, it already indicates insufficient cooling,
  • Excessive heat can affect not only the performance of the console, but also its life expectancy.

So clean it!

Fortunately, you don’t have to be so pedantic. If there is not a lot of dust in the apartment and the machine is in a relatively well-ventilated room, then only every six months is enough, but if you are swimming in dust cats that have become roommates, it is better to lick them more often, even once a month. .

How do I keep my Xbox Series S clean?

The biggest difference in the design of the Xbox Series S and Series From this, we think that less dirt gets in, but this is not the case due to the air flow. Although the Series S is actually lower, it absorbs dust in the same way as its bigger brother. But fortunately, in the case of both devices, care has been taken not to make the Xbox One mistake, and it will be easier to disassemble them if we hand over our heads to cleaning.

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Important At the same time, if you have already disassembled the Xbox, the warranty is there. So, with that in mind, go for it even if the problem is almost impossible to solve. If you’ve already passed Gary’s Factory, there’s nothing holding you back, and it’s highly recommended!

What you will need:

  • Xbox Series S for sure,
  • It’s a good idea to have a T8 and T10 screwdriver and a plastic tensioner,
  • A microfiber cloth or anti-static brush wouldn’t hurt either.

How will you know when it’s time to clean? Well, on the one hand, you should do it without saying a word, and on the other hand, you should mark it on the calendar. All kidding aside, it is very important, if you can, to clean your Xbox regularly, as this will not only keep your Xbox looking beautiful, but it will also keep it healthy. For example, if you find that an instrument is louder than usual for some reason, sure, grab an instrument and pull it out, but dammit!

It’s not difficult:

1. First, turn off your Xbox, then unplug it, and finally disconnect all cables from its back.
2. If you are satisfied with it, remove the two snow white stickers from the bottom back carefully (so as not to tear).
3. Below you will find two small screws, which must be carefully removed from their place.

4. After that, you can easily pull off the bottom plastic cover, so let’s do that.
5. Inside the open bracket from the bottom, you can see 7 T10 screws, also remove them with the appropriate screwdriver. These will be very large screws, but don’t worry, the hardware won’t fall apart.

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6. If we are satisfied with it, we can remove the top plastic cover.
7. Here, it is worth wiping the inside of the covers well with a damp and/or microfiber cloth. There will probably be something to scratch from it.
8. Next, on the sides of the Xbox, we see three boxes: Bluetooth, power button and WiFi – just unscrew them and carefully pull them out of their connectors (it will be very easy, but worth helping from below with the plastic tensioner).
9. Next, remove the remaining screw on the bottom of the console, then put it back so the cooler is facing up.
10. Lift the top metal cover and you can now access the fan.

11. Wipe the cover inside and out first!
12. Next to the fan, you can see the power supply, which can be easily removed. Once this is done, it is helpful to immediately wipe all sides with a microfiber cloth (not wet). It will probably be very dusty.
12. Then gently pull out the fan connector.
13. Take off the fan, then use a microfiber cloth to completely remove dirt everywhere.
14. When we are done, you can use the anti-static cleaning brush, which is also worth cleaning the inside of the S Series with.
15. Then put everything back in its place:

    • Plug the fan back in and put it in place
    • Restore the power source as it was
    • Cover the whole thing with the metal cover, then flip it over and screw the corresponding screws back on
    • Replace the Bluetooth, WiFi and button, then fasten them with screws
    • Place the top plastic cover on it, then screw on the T10s as well
    • Then just slide the bottom back, screw in the last two screws, and stick it on.

And you have a clean Xbox Series S!

Anyway, the whole thing may seem long and complicated at first, but believe me, it only takes 15 minutes, so “I don’t have time” is no excuse. It really pays to do the cleaning every time, because you can often extend the life expectancy of the console a little.

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But again, it is important to note that although it is not a big “waszizdasz”, it is only worth a thorough cleaning once the warranty expires. After all, no matter how useful the constant and almost obligatory cleaning is, the gary jumps out when disassembling the console.

Pictures: ifixit, how to fix it

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