I will continue to require Apple to allow app installation outside the App Store

I will continue to require Apple to allow app installation outside the App Store

A group of US senators put forward a motion in October last year in a bid to prevent big tech companies from abusing their dominance to force users to use their own services. One of the best examples of this is the closed nature of the Apple ecosystem, so the apple company will be hit hard by the new rules.

So the proposal, called the American Choice and Innovation Act, was introduced last year, and Apple vehemently objected to it. If they agree to the draft, they will also have to allow alternative app installation options on iOS and iPad OS, but Apple says it will put user security and privacy at risk.

The latest development is that due to objections from Apple and other tech companies, some things in the original draft were changed, revised, and an updated package of proposals was released on Wednesday.

Apple also quickly responded to this, saying that the antitrust bill remains “It undermines the privacy and security protection that our users demand.”

Apple also added it “Many countries are also opposed to making the deployment of third-party apps mandatory, as it would enable malicious players to target users, including children, with malware and phishing, and make it easier for data-hungry companies to track users without their consent.”

So that’s the official position, but obviously not a small consideration for them, as they charge a 30% commission on paid apps downloaded from the App Store, as well as on all in-app purchases, which is a huge amount on an annual basis. Many developers have spoken out against this anyway, and this is what Epic vs. Apple is suing too, but all that has been achieved is to reduce the commission to 15% for some of the smaller developers.

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Apple is doing a lot of pressure not to accept the US draft, but it is trying to regulate big tech companies like it in the US, and not just in the US .. A proposal to make the use of a USB-C connector mandatory has already passed, and lawmakers are trying to take action against manufacturers’ practices That makes service difficult.

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