I will be sent to the gulag, where I will be silenced by the right in the United States

In the United States, dominant left-wing actors are demanding action against the right. The international news agency V4NA writes that, among other things, they are calling for re-education, “gulag”, and the establishment of secret police.

The conservatives still face serious attacks in the United States. Left-wing media are also involved in the attacks. Their still highlight is Donald Trump. On Monday, officials in the US Federal House of Representatives handed over the documents for a constitutional impeachment lawsuit against the former president to the Senate, which is due to make a decision on impeachment. Never before in American history has a president who served his presidency been held accountable.

On ABC News, political analyst Matthew Dodd ventured to the point where the first few days of Joe Biden’s presidency were on the second. Compared to Germany after World War II.

“Other countries have already gone through this, Germany, Japan and South Africa, and before we reach reconciliation and healing, we have to go through truth and accountability.”Compared to Nazi Germany, compared to the presidency of Donald Trump.

He thinks we need to talk about what Trump did, what his responsibilities are, and what his punishment might be.

However, it is indeed on the radical left, CNN The word “deprogramme” is used in relation to the oath, which basically means re-education.

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The channel’s presenter Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon said they talked about what right-wingers don’t like when they say “people need to de-program.” Don Lemon added subtly that he speaks of legal believers and conspiracy theorists. According to them, the “conservative media” as well as the members of the House of Representatives and the Senate have enabled what they see as extremist groups such as the “proud boys”.

On the American left, re-educating the right is a recurring idea. Last year, an investigative portal called Project Veritas ousted Kyle Gorec, one of the organizers of Barnie Sanders’ campaign, using stealth camera footage.

Jorek argued soIn the United States, labor camps will also be needed to re-educate supporters of Donald Trump, and he has expressed the view that Stalin’s gulag “is much better than what the CIA told me.”

“People were working for a fee in the gulag camps, where visits by spouses were also permitted. The gulag camps were actually supposed to be re-education camps,” said Urick.

By the way, between 1924 and 1953, 1.5-1.7 million people died in the Gulag, according to historians.

However, the left will not only reuse the Gulag from the Communists, it has already begun the whisper.

Helena Duke, 18, also named three family members after they were identified in a photo taken during the Capitol siege. The girl did this because her mother previously did not allow her to participate in the Black Lives Matter demonstration.

Helena Duke has described herself as a liberal lesbian.

Prior to the inauguration of American writer Don Winslow, Joe Biden shared a video that mainly asked people to spy on their knowledge.

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The recording claims Donald Trump is creating a “New Army”. The “new army” is called “ultra-conservatives, also known as domestic terrorists.” Then the video warns that these “terrorists” are carrying out normal acts and that many of them are involved in the siege of the Capitol with the intention of “killing Nancy Pelosi and hanging Vice President Mike Pence.”

The video also states that during the presidential debate, Trump is alleged not to condemn those who stand for white supremacy. However, it is no longer added that the former president did so nearly 40 times.

According to the video, the solution is an “army of civilian investigators” who “monitor extremists on the Internet” and report their findings to the authorities. In the video, they say their weapons will be computers and cell phones, and they remember that Osama bin Laden was also found by a CIA employee using a computer.

Just as Stasi worked in East Germany at the time and the KGB in the Soviet Union, it has now emerged in the United States that a “secret police” should be created. They write about this issue in an article written on the Daily Beast portal and state at the beginning of the article that “there are local spy agencies in other countries that are fighting extremists at home.”

According to the prevailing narrative, by the way, the adjective “extremist” can refer to anyone who does not represent a liberal opinion.

Oliver Darcy, a CNN employee, demanded in early January that cable operators take a conservative TV channel called Newsmax from their packages. Alex Stamos also spoke on CNN about the fact that there are “very extreme” people on YouTube and noted that their audience is larger than CNN’s during the day.

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He also spoke about the necessity of finding a solution to the problem of OANN and Newsmax.

He said, “These companies have freedom of expression, but I’m not sure we need Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and more to get them to tens of millions of families.”

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