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I weighed 78 kilos, my girlfriend 81. I found a diet that we designed for ourselves and it worked really well for me. I have already lost 7 kilos with this diet and some walking

I weighed 78 kilos, my girlfriend 81. I found a diet that we designed for ourselves and it worked really well for me.  I have already lost 7 kilos with this diet and some walking

We took the plunge and here is our list.

We have already convinced ourselves that weight loss will ever be possible when we team up with this diet, and we will definitely succeed. There is a so-called Viennese diet, according to which my mother even tried to lose weight. But we think it’s too strict, so we pulled our experiences together and created this diet.

The goal is to eat foods that have as few calories as possible, but still love. We only maintained a very strict diet for a couple of weeks, after which we relax, but we never want to go back to eating bulk. Here is the list of foods: cucumbers, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, fish, chicken breast, ham, yogurt, herbs, apples, salads, lemon and broccoli. We didn’t write the quantities next to the plates, we could eat as much of each as we thought it was part of the food.

We have included a cake for breakfast in our diet so we cut out carbs and coffee.

one day:

Breakfast: a piece of bread, coffee with sweetener and a little milk

10 o’clock: apple

Lunch: grilled chicken breast with a little oil, with a green salad

Snack: yogurt

Dinner: pork with tomatoes

2 days:

Breakfast: a piece of bread with coffee

10:00: Yogurt

Lunch: boiled egg, cucumber and tomato

Snack: half a banana

Dinner: grilled fish with salad

3 days:

Breakfast: 1 cake, coffee

10 o’clock: apple

Lunch: Grilled chicken breast with steamed broccoli

Snack: yogurt

Dinner: grilled fish, cucumber, tomato.

By repeating this strict part twice, the seventh day was more relaxed, when rice could also be served as a side dish alongside grilled meat. Then this diet will continue for another six days, after which we will gradually add rice to each lunch, and we will also make more and more types of steamed vegetables for lunch and dinner. After a week, another relaxation, and at that time you can have a slice of toast and a little butter for dinner. This is how we want to gradually return to a diet that gives you strength but does not make you fat. We will not eat potatoes or white bread, but we will eat buckwheat pasta, for example. and plan. That I am losing weight to 65 kg and will never be over that weight again, because at 167 cm it will be fine. He has now lost 7 kilos and my boyfriend and I are excited that our plan will work and our figure will get really slim in a few months.

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