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“I was very worried,” says the mountaineer, who has seen Szilard Suhajda twice

“I was very worried,” says the mountaineer, who has seen Szilard Suhajda twice

The rescue team that set out to search for the mountaineer on Mount Everest Friday morning did not find Suhajda Szilrd, so they ended the search. Meanwhile, the mountaineers who saw Suhajda Szilrd the day before returned to Kathmandu and talked about the Hungarian mountaineer.

Unlike Suhajda Szilrd, Elia Saikaly from Canada and Yousef Al Shti from Kuwait also attempted to climb Mount Everest without oxygen bottles. However, none of them managed to meet each other, as they were seen twice in Sohagat during the early hours of the morning local time. Both times Zelrod was seen 50-60 meters from the bottom of Hillary’s stairs, Saikali said, but he didn’t move much from where they were first spotted.

Recordings from Elia Seikaly’s previous work:

She was moving very slowly. I tried to talk to him, but he didn’t answer. He was just trying to climb up. It rises very slowly but surely. He is a very dedicated person. When we got off, I kept looking back. I was so worried. We went back to the tray after a while, and I saw that it still didn’t exist on dli-css. I melted into TJ”– said Saikaly, who shared a photo roughly where they crossed paths with the Hungarian mountaineer.

Elia Seikaly from Canada last saw Sahajda Zelard at this point on Mount EverestSource: Elia Seikaly

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