Minttu Räikkönen,

I voted for the chicks! First place isn’t surprising, but we’ll showcase the rest, too!

We republished our updated list on Valentine’s Day About current Formula 1 riders’ wives and girlfriends. We’ve also included information about her, depending on how much you know about her.

Then we also asked you which person is most sympathetic. We will now display the final result of the vote!

We were not surprised in the first place. Numerous polls have shown that Kimi Räikkönen has the largest fan base (at least in Hungary), and this also applies to his wife. So Minto Raikkonen took the lead.

He is followed by Charles Leclerc’s girlfriend, Charlotte, who we suppose she is Twitch incident last year It has become especially popular with regard to. 😀

Although it is only rumored that Heidi Berger will be potential Daniel Ricciardo’s girlfriend, the actress actually found herself in third place in our impromptu vote.

Here is the end result:

Mint Raikkonen 25%
Charlotte Gibb 13%
Heidi Burger 10%
Hanna Prater 9%
Katrina Masetti Zanini 6%
Kelly Pique 6%
Sarah Bagliaroli 5%
Isabel Hernaz 5%
Linda Morselli 5%
Sandra Dzwizek 5%
Elena Brie 4%
Carola Martinez 3%
Carmen Monteiro Mundt 2%
Tiffany Cromwell 2%
Antonella Maraglino 2%
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