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I thought it would work, and it worked - Stopira -

I thought it would work, and it worked – Stopira –

After an unfortunate goal, Mol Fehérvár FC defender just said he had to score a Ferencváros goal in the Hungary Cup.

There was great tension in Stopira, who fought against Singlet with double will after his goal (Photo: Carolee Orvay)


Both goals were great …
– If you ask me, I liked the second better … – I took the card with a smile in Ferencváros – Mol Vihervar in the eighth final of the Hungarian Cup (1-2) scored an own goal and then scored the winning goal Stop. We started the game well, and soon took the lead, and it is a pity that after five minutes the job was equal. This required my unfortunate movement, and as a result the ball headed home for our team. At that moment, a terrible feeling gripped me, but after a while, all that was floating before my eyes was to correct my mistake. I tried to stay mentally strong, and I ensured myself that I had to score a single goal at any cost. She sacredly believed it would succeed, and I see it will. Let me tell you, what else did it take?

– Hand over the big ants in the New Year?
– It is, too. Well, my guys were by my side the whole time. After a goal goal, I heard nothing but turn it upside down, Stopi, let’s move on! It was a difficult time behind us, we knew that we could only defeat Ferencvaros if we held together. We were strong, we supported each other, which is why I was able to enter FTC portals.

The other face
He was a true leader. Nicolex Nemanja He was a rookie at Fide for the first time since January 30th, and once he had the chance, he lived with it. “It’s no secret, we weren’t getting a good pass before the match, I personally went through tough months –, quoting the captain, who scored the first goal. No matter what we tried, the results did not come. We are not at the table where we planned. We knew that the Cup match against Ferencvaros could be a turning point – if we win, our faith and self-confidence can return. I have visited many locker rooms in my career so far, it is one of the best. I mean, good guys are the team, maybe they’re really, really good. This is why I said before the match that now we have to show our other side because in life it is not certain that only good boys will win! It’s not even a problem for someone in the thick of the game to clash with their partner on the court about what’s going on there anyway. So, we went to the match by saying we want to send a message: Here we go, we have to get an account with us! Everyone has done their part, and I’m proud of the guys! Victory can give a boost, it’s up to us now what the sequel brings us. Unfortunately, we don’t have a realistic chance of winning the championship, but we definitely want to climb to runners-up again. And in the Hungary Cup, we’ll keep fighting until we can lift the trophy high at the end of the series! “

The post-goal shots revealed that a huge stone had fallen from his heart.
– It is not just about me … what we have achieved in the recent past, we cannot be proud of. It was horrific to live and nothing works the way we want it to. Although we tried to get the most out of ourselves, that didn’t happen for some reason. Before the Wednesday confrontation, I was convinced that we could defeat the Greens and Whites even at a great distance. It’s thought the guy really knows him in trouble, well, it turns out that Fehérvár’s tire is made up of all the good people. Through synergy, we got stronger. Courage flowed from us, led each other, and proved that we don’t give up even when so many describe us. We were marked by the passion necessary for someone to defeat Ferencvaros.

– FTC Coach Serhi Rebrov has seen White Castle want to win better. Was it so?
“I don’t think our opponent wanted to win less than we did, but all I can say is that we did more to move forward. What we hovered over Ferencváros was the previously mentioned passion. We were determined, disciplined and organized enough to win. Plus, we played football well. Sometimes good Playing with the Ferencvaros is always special, there are times when they do better than duel, and there are times, I hope no one gets mad at me when I say we deserved to win this time.

They will meet Budafok in the quarter-finals. Looking forward to an easier match?
– Not a drop! I don’t see that match as a quarter-final – but as a final! From now on, all of our remaining matches will reach the Finals. In the tournament as well as in the Hungary Cup. As long as we have a mathematical opportunity to outrun the FTC on the leaderboard, we struggle to decide if we can’t be the first, and aim for second place. Sure, Vidin always had to fight for the gold medal, but we at least grabbed the last straw in the Trophy Series. And once we’re caught, we don’t want to give it up until the final is blown up.

– So far he won two championship titles with Fehérvár, and was once a member of the Hungary Cup winning team. Will “The Job” change to two by the end of the season?
“I believe in this just as much as I thought I could agree to my own goal of another.” And if you succeed …

Mall Hungarian Cup
Eight final
Groupama Arena, Behind closed gates. Led by: Bognár T. (Szalai B., Szert)
FTC: Dibusz – Botka (Lovrencsics G., 63.), Blazic, Mmaee, Civic – Haratin (Sigér D., 76.), Laidouni – Zubkov (Haraisvili, 76.), Nguen (Mak, 85.), Uzuni – Boli. Coach: Reprov
Vervar Mall: Kovac d. – Nijo, Muselio, Stupira, Viola, You – Bamboi, Aleph, Petrijac (Paula, 77.) – Zivzevadze (Rus, 90 + 2.), Nikolix (Robin Pinto, 84.). Megabyte. Coach: Tamas Salai
Julzerzo: Stopira (13 – goal range), respectively. Nicolex (8-11), Stopyra (40th)

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