I sighed in my soul in Oradea, Lord - show the soul again: Christian faith, diamond koh-noor in the Bible

I sighed in my soul in Oradea, Lord – show the soul again: Christian faith, diamond koh-noor in the Bible

Over the past weekend, my soul has been racing over three decades, centuries, and millions of years, following the curvature of space-time. Even spacetime bends in front of you, with all the astonishing realizations of Lord, Einstein, and quantum physics. Three days in Oradea, to celebrate and touch 14 volumes of the hand-copied Covid Bible at Partium University, with old and new members and presidents of the Presbyterian Assembly of King’s Steps, embracing fraternity after enforced ceasefire. And with International Women’s Day celebrations in the basilica, with Roman Catholics, the Roman Catholic Episcopal Church, and the Reformed pastoral leadership. And the three days came to meet with the faithful editor of the Reformed press, who wrote in spirit, and to visit the chapel of the era Arpad, which bears witness to the happy days of her resurrection and restoration. Then with the theological discourses and evangelisms on Sunday about God’s seed in us, which not even the power of the Great Barrier can crush in us, because the Son of God came to destroy the works of Satan (1 John 3:8-9). ). And after the Eucharist in the modern and clean church hall, the Presbyterian priests, the church workers, the transcribers of the Bible, and the presence of the Roman Brother of the Reformers, casts the word from our spirits. At the festive table on Sunday, five priests, theologians, preachers and university leaders responsible and Pen-worshippers lit their souls cleansed in the Word and the Lord’s Supper in a shared fuse of brotherly communication and love with increasingly colorful stories of a self-forgotten vocabulary, Mr.

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Three miraculous days in Oradea, when the spirit showed that the linguistic medium of my Christian and Biblical faith is also the region, my ancestors also breathed the pure, pure Ayer, and the mountains and forests let the air out. Suddenly I felt the wind blowing from the Garden of Eden for millions of years, striking its life-enriching power, and in the scent of the earth breathing in spring, the inhabitants of the mountain smelt green speech. The first Pentecostal wind shook my soul when the Holy Spirit lifted everyone up as a roaring power, but cleansed himself in Christ by his resurrection.

I could feel the salty scent of the Tiberian Sea flowing around Jesus’ feet, and the scent of purifying salt flowing into Oradea in the winds of the great seas, sweeping away the cause of all evil.

Yet it is the lingering remnant of soul destruction, long term destructively bound, bound, bound by a demonic yoke. The sirens of the soul and the divine spirit roar in the image of the main enemy, disguised as sympathy, approaching life-threatening sirens or the heroic stories of song. Suddenly my tree that did not know burning corpse glowed in my soul. Thus, in the Sacred Presence of God Realm, the soul has also revealed the terrible power games of our days, the insects of hell. The veil fell on the completely wrong taste of the audience, as many still today shout: Barabbas is ours, not Jesus! In spite of the betrayal of the homeland, Caiaphas, Pilate, the alliances of momentary interests of Herod, the purity of the Koh-i-Noor, the most precious thing, the humanity of Jesus cleansed by the winds and blinded are shining, and therefore it is not absent. – Present today. In vain the cross, the whip, the mockery, the spit, the crown of thorns, the cross, the Golgotha, the place of the skull, the vain machinations of the priest and the high priest, political intrigue, he began to bypass everything by all means. Even when he was exalted, he gave us only the essence: he opened his hands to the blessing, the eternal love of his earthly heart above time, above the earth. Behold, the sky was the land of the cave with azure, and palm trees, and whirlwinds of eggs, and the temple, and the law, and the enemy also peace be with you. Yes, the ancient pilgrims of the Holy Land echoed with his footsteps.

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I saw him in Oradea, in the mirror room of St. Ladislaus and the hand-copied Gospel of Oradea and the hand-copied Gospel of Coved, as infinite goodness and grace, doubled in mirror surface, and my soul was moved in it. One can find the Koh-i-Noor spiritual diamond, which has no real or other real god, in part.

But for the sake of this completeness, we live, work, love, embrace, pray, nurture, teach and raise humanity to eye level.

O heart of transcendental time (Dwiward) dear Jesus for a light dear to us the miracle of Oradea of ​​mountains and waters I greet you by surrendering my whole existence and I ask only one thing: Stay with us and after our heavenly return home with the earth, with all Christians and your people, and then you will also be the wind of the ancestors of Eden , and the spiritual Koh-i-Noor of their earthly existence. Everything fills our emptiness, our emptiness, with your warmth shining in diamonds, like the original Pentecost. The purifying breeze of our being, the earthly, heavenly diamond, we salute and pray in Oradea, Pest, Moncax, Novi Sad, Cluj-Napoca and Casa, where neither souls nor rivers dried up and became deserts. And when people broke my soul, I still send a message today, not only in Oradea. I have spoken Losung’s words, and that is enough for me, for the added value of my days is sacred.

I will put my words in your mouth and cover you with the shadow of my hand – Isaiah 16:51

I know about your actions. Behold, I have set before you an open door that no one can shut, because you have a little power, and you have kept my words, and you have not denied my name – Revelation 3:8.

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(Dr. Lagos Bikvi / Felvidék.ma)

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