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I managed to hack the entire Windows XP activation process

I managed to hack the entire Windows XP activation process

It took time, but it’s commendable that someone has persevered to this extent.

In August, it will be 22 years since Microsoft made Windows XP available, which has proven to be one of the most successful operating systems in company history with over 500 million sales. Although the residents of Redmond have not supported it since 2014, sometimes even today you can meet computers on which the characteristic blue windows are still running. It seems that the old platform also excites the hacker community’s imagination.

the log Because he saw herthat meanwhile the entire Windows XP activation process is compromised, so authentication can be resolved even with offline installation.

The two-component solution is a suite of software that takes up very little space tinyapps blog details. First of all, one Open source software released in 2019it requires WindowsXPKg, which can be used to generate an infinite number of CD keys for Windows XP, as well as Modified version of “xp_activate32.exe”.which calculates the installation ID required to complete the installation and does not even require an internet connection to activate it.

The latest development of this method is that WindowsXPKg has been modified recently, so now It can also run on Linux. It should be noted that the interesting topic in all this is not the hacking of Windows XP itself, since there have been cracks for the operating system since its release, but the fact that Microsoft’s activation process was also decrypted, while the official servers were decrypted. That’s why the connection was cut off a long time ago.

Of course, we wouldn’t recommend anyone to install such an old platform, but those who want to be nostalgic can now do so using the above method.

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