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“I like to put smiles on people’s faces”

“I like to put smiles on people’s faces”

On the second of August Young Tatar soprano arrives at the huge Margitsziget theater with the most beautiful melodies of operatic literature, Aida Grivolina. This time, the singer, famous for her gentle voice and special depth, will charm the grand prize with the timeless classical compositions of Puccini, Verdi, Gonaud and Bellini, under the direction of Pier Giorgio Morandi, who progressed from oboist to conductor, accompanied by the Hungarian Opera House Orchestra. The repertoire is a real set of musical dishes, among which the duets were not excluded: the tunes of Bohémélet and Traviata, as well as Libiamo, were included in the program. In the words of Placido Domingo, we spoke to “the hottest opera singer of today and tomorrow.”

– What role does the opera contest and Plácido Domingo, who discovered your talent, play in your life?

Opera was a great start to a great opera journey, it helped me a lot in discovering and understanding my artistic abilities and becoming more confident. And I love Maestro Domingo with all my heart. It is a nice. I learned a lot from him, and every time I perform with him I feel happy and proud.

– How has this big opera journey been so far?

– She participated in many beautiful and unforgettable projects, sang in the largest opera houses and concert venues in the world, enriched me with unforgettable moments and unforgettable experiences!

– In her shows and on social media platforms, she makes sure that the audience sees a bright and beautiful woman. How important is it to be able to fit into a role both externally and internally? I think, for example, of Traviata or Liu from Turandot.

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– I feel it’s in my nature to play different characters. It is very important for me to portray each character as honestly and truthfully as possible, so I always take the time to understand them. I read and learn from music, texts and books. This is a big household chore. By the time I get on stage, I’m no longer just playing with their feelings, but totally engaging with them.

– Returning to the previous question: What do you think of “Diva Opera” today?

– I think that the Opera singer means a unique person, with sufficient intelligence and good manners, not only on stage or in front of the cameras, but in everyday life.

– Have you worked with conductor Pier Giorgio Morandi before?

– Not yet, but I’ve heard Maestro’s previous performances and I think they’re amazing! I’m really looking forward to our concert!

– During her career so far, she managed to play most of the important female roles in operatic literature, among other things, fascinated audiences at the Royal Opera House in London, the Vienna State Opera and the Bavarian State Opera, but with her festive evenings, she visited almost all parts of the world. Do you have a favorite role or roles? Also, is there a dream role that you weren’t able to play/sing for some reason?

– I really love to sing and play Julia from Gounod, Mimi in Bohémélet and Violetta in Traviata, but I can’t wait to sing my first Tatiana Lee in Anyegin in Italy next season.

“Have you been to Budapest before?”

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– Yes, of course! I’m totally in love with Budapest! I’ve been here twice, firstly at the invitation of famous music producer David Foster for a Christmas party, and secondly when I recorded a duet with maestro Placido Domingo for his upcoming new album. I’ve already had the chance to see Budapest in winter and fall, and since I found it so charming, I’m glad I can now come back here in summer. I haven’t been to Margitsziget yet, but I hope this party will be a great celebration, a beautiful ride all evening, punctuated by the most beautiful melodies and songs. I want to put a smile on people’s faces!

– On what basis was the August 2 program compiled? The famous song Juliet from the opera Gounod became his trademark. Is this always on the party night list? Is there a song that you never miss for emotional or other reasons?

– This is a very interesting suggestion, because it is so characteristic of Júlia aria that sometimes even if this is not my choice, organizers or fans ask me to sing it anyway. Perhaps precisely because she is beautiful and cheerful, and I want to experience this light and cheerful beauty at concerts.

– Do you like outdoor shows and soirees? Are these products more special, easier or even more difficult due to their closeness to nature and infinite space?

– I like all kinds of shows, I generally like to be on stage, because that’s where I connect with my audience! However, there is always something magical, and something really romantic and special at outdoor parties under the starry sky!

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