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‘I have to find a Latina’ – There are more and more signs that Lewis Hamilton and Shakira are secretly dating – World Star

‘I have to find a Latina’ – There are more and more signs that Lewis Hamilton and Shakira are secretly dating – World Star

Again after the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix Shakira And Lewis Hamilton The focus of the singer with the world star was already in May, and they went on a cruise in Miami.

At the same time, there were also reports that Piqué’s ex, Tom Cruise, had begun flirting, but nothing seemed to have developed between them. But the situation is different with Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton and Shakira

The photo below of Shakira, the pilot and their friends at a restaurant in Barcelona spread like wildfire on social media. Clearly, Hamilton stuck by the singer’s side tightly. His body language indicates that they may be in a closer relationship with each other, and we don’t necessarily mean friendship here.

Before Sunday’s race, the athlete took part in a conversation with his teammate George Russell, which was staged in front of the crowd. Then a surprising sentence left Hamilton’s mouth: “I must find a Latina.” Russell then jokingly commented, “Yeah, I’ve been single for a long time. Do we have an applicant?”

Perhaps the athlete has found his Latin girlfriend for some time, or he wants more between him and Shakira.

A fan even spotted them at a private party over the weekend, but his former team-mate, Neymar, and another footballer, Mbappe, were also there.

Shakira did not miss the Spanish Grand Prix either, she also posted about it on her Instagram. Until now, it was not typical for him to go to Formula 1 races, so this also raises the suspicion that something is developing between the celebrities. Hopefully, within weeks, it will become clear what goes on behind the scenes.

Shakira began her relationship with Pique in 2011, and they have two sons, Sasha and Milan, but the footballer cheated on the pop star with Clara Xia Marty, and they finally separated in 2022. Hamilton’s last serious relationship was with Nicole Scherzinger, they separated in 2015. Since Since then, he has appeared in the news with many women, but his relationship with no one has deepened.

Verstappen’s partner in a bikini

Max Verstappen’s bikini partner figure couldn’t be painted more beautifully.

Cover and certifications: Getty Images

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