I have the first picture: He stole Gaspar Evelyn's heart

I have the first picture: He stole Gaspar Evelyn’s heart

You can’t even rub the smile on Evelyn Gaspard’s face alongside the love of her newborn baby. A joint photo with his partner was also found.

After a long time, love found Gaspar Evelyn again. With the help of social media, he met Attila, who started a conversation with him there. The girl and her family were still worried about the first date, but after a week, these thoughts quickly faded. Gáspár Győző even invited the boy to Evelyn’s birthday, and later to a family holiday in Istanbul.

“We got to know each other in person for a week when we were actually standing with my family at the airport to fly to Istanbul together. I am so excited! Not only because of the strange situation but what they would say to me. Most people have prejudices against me and my family. And of course, the fact that I arrived at the airport Late due to the traffic jam, I was able to cure myself of a negativ, which didn’t help much either. On the other hand, they were very nice and direct with me, and I almost refuted their reservations in the first minute,” said Evelyn earlier, who had already moved in with her lover in Nyregyhaza.

While it is hard to get used to the fact that the family has to work for him, and his partner has to stare at them on the street, the sheer love between them is the solution to every problem. The first photo of the couple in love was also released, in which both of them clearly show tremendous happiness.

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“Thank you so much for your kind congratulations, love and best wishes! I’ve received so many apologies and comments if I don’t respond one by one,” Evelyn said in addition to her Instagram post.

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