I got the next game from Netflix Games

I got the next game from Netflix Games

Netflix launched Netflix Gaming worldwide in early November, which means that active subscribers can access paid mobile games on both Android and iOS platforms at no additional cost. The new option contains five games (Stranger Things: 1984, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Card Burst, Swing, Shooting Rings) around the world, which he recently joined bowling ballAnd Techrunch too ForemanWhat will be the next program: Xtreme Asphalt Racing game.

The development of Gameloft studio isn’t new, it was originally released for iOS and Android in 2016, however, it disappeared from Play Store offerings in September 2021 – and it’s not yet clear if this has anything to do with it being available again soon via Netflix. There is no exact release date yet, however, according to a favorite video released on YouTube, the Netflixes version will not contain ads or additional paid content.

The new Netflix works interesting anyway: a dedicated game menu bar appeared on both mobile and tablet apps earlier this month, and here you can find some of the currently available downloads, but select titles from the Play Store (Android) or The App Store (iOS) opens and you can download the software from here. Therefore, the games cannot be played inside the Netflix app, but are sold as a separate app on your phone, and each time you need to check that you have a direct subscription to Netflix.

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