I get it when a shooter appears studded with surviving horror elements

I get it when a shooter appears studded with surviving horror elements

Did you know it only takes 300ms to blink? This was brought to our attention by a recent preview of Chernobylite, which also revealed that Chernobyl’s elbow Traveling The final version of the game will be released in July this year. There is no specific date yet.

An early access version of Chernobylite became available on PC early in 2019 (steam And the GogA colleague who specializes in survival experiences wrote a report annually. Gameplay similar to STALKER, i.e. also a frustrating FPS where you have to explore an area full of supernatural oddities. On the other hand, Chernobylite is full of survivor items and role-playing games, you can do all kinds of things in it, and you can place allies next to you as you try to find the hero’s beloved woman.

Before release, the game will receive a major PC update, which will include, among other things, the first part of the final mission. Additionally, the package comes with new English and Russian dubbing sounds as well as new music.

Chernobylite will be released in July for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. After that, but sometime in 2021, it will be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S as well.

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