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I feel a million times better than I did in 2016!

I feel a million times better than I did in 2016!

Once again, the final race after 2016 will decide who will be the world champion in the Formula One season: Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton He reached the finals with a draw, and whoever scores more points in the tournament will be the 2021 World Champion.

Hamilton managed to win the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at the end of the season in 2016, but teammate Nico Rosberg at the time was runner-up enough for the league title and then announced his retirement a few days later.

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At Saturday’s press conference, Hamilton was asked to compare his feelings before the 2016 race with the current one, and the seven-time world champion responded:

“I have feelings a million times different now. This scenario is completely different than it was back then. It’s completely different, but I feel a million times better now than I did at the time,” said Hamilton.

The 36-year-old pilot went on to say he “didn’t particularly want to get in” on why he feels differently, but added, “It’s simply different in his life than he did in 2016.”

“I am facing a different kind of resistance in life, and this time the situation is different and I feel much happier,” explained the British, who took second place in the time trial.

When asked if he is a better pilot now than he was in 2016, he replied: “Yes. And a better fellow.”

Bottas explained the result of the timer …

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