Charles Leclerc, Ferrari

I could have been the third

While Ferrari’s performance is still different than it was in 2017 and 2018, many positives have already been seen about the House of the Reds this season. Despite not being able to win a race, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz could have taken the podium this year, better than their direct rival McLaren in recent races. Monaco put in a great performance in Austin and is so sorry he couldn’t stand the podium.

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Leclerc eventually finished fourth in the 56-lap US Grand Prix, but came very close to the podium. Daniel Ricciardora, who was behind him, beat 24 (!) seconds and drove faster in the latter part of the race than third-placed Sergio Perez, who was able to hold it under some pressure. As a result, no one was surprised when one of the Ferrari Monaco racers smiled after the race fell back.

“We expected to suffer in Austin” quotes Leclerc’s words on Sky Sports. “Compared to that, we completed one of the strongest races of the season here. I was surprised by my fourth position and my speed in the race.”

“I tried to give the most in every nail. Third place was out of reach for me because Perez wasn’t faster than me. He was excited to catch me, but he just didn’t run anymore. I would like to thank everyone who helped make such a big progress this year compared to last season.” “.

The Maranello Barn has embarked on a development path. Team Reds engineers are already working on a steam-powered 2022 car, but they have updated their resources for this year, making clear progress in recent races. This is also reflected in the fact that McLaren’s advantage over it in competition from manufacturers is diminishing.

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“We have improved a lot for this season. It will be useful not only now, but also for 2022, because it will fill us with confidence. In addition, not only has the car improved, but I have also improved a lot because I really handle the tires better. It was a great mummy. for two years, but now I can handle it well,” Leclerc concluded, He is currently ranked sixth in the singles tournament.

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