I can't stop smiling, so I can't even sleep

I can’t stop smiling, so I can’t even sleep

Barnabás Peák was the first Hungarians to finish the time trial, and he was also pleased with the fans and his performance when he spoke to the fans around him after finishing.

“It was great, I had a great time, we worked a lot with the team in my position, our lead mechanic, Micky van Groningen, is working day and night to get the best road and time trial bikes possible. Now with my current bike, I might be in for third place,” Pike said. My forties.”

Staying in the forty did not meet in the end, it was number 51, but the field was very dense, with tenths of a second set to rank. Beck said the short races were lying to him and he expected him to feel good on the bike.

From a tortuous tech career, he believes that everyone who works in time has a solution in their genes. He thinks it can only take a few seconds on turns, so who decides how many watts to put into a turn.

“We walked the track this morning, I went through it twice, at first I was surprised by a few things, there were two hard turns, but the second time I saw there was room at the exit of the turn when you reached the top of the turn.”

The hardest part of the track, the last climb, a mile and a half, had to be left with a bit of strength.

“I couldn’t really hold back, the fans took me to push. I couldn’t restrain myself. When you get to the climb you’ll definitely be on the handle, and you can’t spare because you’re going to waste time. I knew I had to take the speed to Margaret Island, and then I go, there are two Left and one right, which wasn’t easy, I didn’t turn at all, it just took speed,” the time trial analyzed.

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“It was amazing, the atmosphere was so screaming and cheering that I couldn’t even see my watch and the road, good sky, how many people were inside of me. Especially since yesterday my phone has been vibrating with so many messages and good wishes, it makes me upset. Whatever I am. Tired in the evening, I couldn’t stop smiling, you can’t sleep. On the bus, even if I don’t drink coffee, my hands are still trembling. This obviously affects all of us. It’s an incomprehensible experience. “It’s an incomprehensible experience,” Baek said, also answering how tired he was. .

Barnabás Peák greets fans from the podium – Photo: Tibor Illyés / MTI

The Intermarché-Wanty-Goubert Matériaux cyclist said they work for stage three runners, but until the competition gets really intense, who wants to enjoy the joy they can, wave or send them a smile.

At the end of the Giro, he’ll be happy to ride around the Italian circuit on one hand, win their sprint race, Benjam Jermay in two stages and Domenico Pozovovo in the top ten of the boat.

I have energies I will never forget

Erik Fetter was pretty ready for Saturday’s stage to show himself on Visegrád’s climb, but he’s fallen off before, so he was a little disappointed.

“Fortunately, I survived the fall with scrapes, I was able to defend myself to advance. It is very big, because there is always damage from it. It was like this once in my life that I had a Giro d’Itala in and around Visegrád, but Fortunately I turned that disappointment into motivation for the day.The cyclist in the Hungarian Championship jersey said, “I also had a little poison I wanted to release.”

Eric Vetter wears the Hungarian Championship jersey during the Giro d'Italia - Photo: Gyorgy Varga/MTI

Eric Vetter wears the Hungarian Championship jersey during the Giro d’Italia – Photo: Gyorgy Varga/MTI

“Champions’ Square, Parliament, above the castle, has nothing to do with it. I’ve competed in many places in the world, but nothing comes close to Budapest. I can’t speak, there was an atmosphere among the hoops in all the streets that gave them energies and an experience I will never forget.” “It’s unbelievable that I’ve been able to experience something like this, and I’m so grateful for it,” said biker Eolo-Kometa. The encouragement for him was so high that he didn’t even hear what his sporting director was talking to him over the radio. Vetter also said his competitors are looking forward to it. to what is happening in Hungary.

I let her distract me

Attila Walter was also impressed with the crowd, saying he couldn’t focus entirely on his performance, but was glad he was distracted as he was able to experience every moment during the pass.

Photo: Tibor Illyés/MTI

Photo: Tibor Illyés/MTI

“Maybe I was able to go ten seconds better, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I take all that enthusiasm with me to Italy. The 10 seconds I spent pleasing the crowd will pay off,” he said in front of the M4 Sport camera.

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