Hyundai started European production of the Kona electric car in 2020, and since the reason for having production in the Czech Republic proved to be hungry for European markets, it was only natural that the second-generation model would be produced in Noshovice in addition to Ulsan, Korea. Already this year, 21,000 cars will be produced here, and next year the capacity will be increased to 50,000.

While the Czechs previously served 22 European countries, they will now ship to 20 more markets, including the right-wing countries (UK, Ireland, and Cyprus), Turkey, and Israel, as well as exotic French hinterland like Reunion or Guadeloupe.

New Kona Electric batteries are also manufactured in the Czech Republic using batteries from Poland.

Partially or fully electric models (hybrid, hybrid and battery) currently account for 40% of Hyundai production in the Czech Republic, but since the brand intends to sell only zero-emission cars in Europe from 2035, this proportion will naturally increase every year. .