Az LG-vel partnerségben növeli a kényelmet modelljeiben a Hyundai

Hyundai is working with LG to increase the comfort of its models

The innovative concept takes advantage of the spacious interior of electric vehicles, which is much larger than conventional cars in the absence of an internal combustion engine and other bulky mechanical components.

In the Ioniq concept, the passenger compartment is equipped with a number of comfort features that make it truly homey. The compact capsule coffee maker makes the perfect coffee to move around in the morning, the compartment under the seat dries and replaces the wet shoes, the wardrobe manager keeps the clothes tidy and wrinkle-free during the flight, the drinks in the mini fridge are really useful on hot summer days.

Photo: LG Electronics

Large OLED screen to entertain passengers

In addition to comfort and convenience, the most unique solution to the Ioniq interior concept is the flexible OLED screen, which covers the entire vehicle roof from the inside. Rear passengers can adjust the curvature of the screen with natural hand gestures to get an ideal viewing angle. The large 77 inch OLED screen can also be split so that rear passengers can watch various content. The speakers integrated into the head restraints create a personal acoustic space that does not disturb other occupants.

Once everyone is out, the compact structure mops and cleans the floor, picking up crumbs and wiping out spills. At the same time, the UV LEDs placed on top are activated to disinfect the vehicle interior.

“LG is actively involved in developing solutions for connected cars, and at CES 2020, we unveiled a customized car experience that allows drivers and passengers to enjoy the comfort of home. Accompany them on the road,” said Li Chul Bai, President of LG. Corporate Design Department, LG Electronics Project. “

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