Ioniq 5 will be launched soon, officially launching Ioniq, Hyundai’s new electric sub-brand.

It was previously known that the model based on the floorboard, was developed specifically for electric cars, Hyundai 45 study cars An inspiration, but now, when viewing the first hilarious photos, it becomes clear just how much. The new sedan brings the exotic concept car, which was underpinned by the brand’s first Western design, the Pony, without major changes.

The details are, of course, different: the vertical split disappeared from both the nose and the tail, the lamps were not divided into separate parts that could be seen with the naked eye, and the hood Clamshell For example, it would be a design close to the cylinder heads – this is the first time Hyundai has built this.

A 20-inch wheel has also not yet been installed in the Hyundai electric car, but now it will be, apparently, roughly with the same aerodynamic optimum engineering as seen in the Hyundai 45 study car.

The new Hyundai Electric 2 will look strange

As for the technology, it has been revealed that the Ioniq 5 electrical system will be able to feed outside consumers; The devices can run up to 3,500 watts of the vehicle.

The world premiere of the Ioniq 5 and Ioniq brand will take place sometime in February.