Hypocrisy: America does not ask for Russian oil, but imports uranium in gentle silence to produce cheap energy

Yesterday, US President Joe Biden announced that the United States would impose a ban on oil and gas imports to Russia. It will be a secret that uranium is not sanctioned. The United States removed Russian uranium from sanctions because without them it would not be possible to provide the American people and the economy with cheap electricity, Zsolt Hárfás wrote in his Facebook post.

US President Joe Biden announced yesterday that the United States will impose a ban on imports of Russian oil and gas in order to “put the Russian economy on its knees”. Zsolt Hárfás wrote in his Facebook post.

He adds that the prose reason: “46 percent of the annual demand for uranium in the United States (2020 data) is provided by Russia and its two allies, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. In addition, Russian uranium is cheaper … (Sources for purchasing US uranium in 2020: Canada 22%, Kazakhstan 22%, Russia 16%, Australia 11%, Uzbekistan 8%, Namibia 5% and the United States + 5 other countries 14% .) “

“In Hungary, the United States ruled out the presence of Russian uranium because it would not be possible to provide cheap electricity to the American people and economy. An official statement issued by the White House after the press conference of the American president made no mention of the Russian uranium regarding penalties. Summarizes the expert who talks about American hypocrisy.

(Home: MTI/AP/Andrew Harnik)

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