Hunters sat in shock as the bear climbed into the hunting trench

Hunters sat in shock as the bear climbed into the hunting trench

It was a big surprise to two Canadian men while hunting in the Canadian province of Manitoba, sitting in ambush on a tree waiting for an animal of prey to appear. Suddenly, two little bears appeared underneath them, and when they woke up, one of them was climbing alongside them at lightning speed.

The recording, which Viralhog released this week, was returned in May of last year – Tell On Tuesday, a fisherman on the sports page of USA Today. Wes Marshak He said he was only chasing his bear with his brother when one chased the other into the tree they were lying in.

This was my brother’s first hunt

Tell Spotted on paper.

Let’s see in the video that the man tries to become almost invisible and to remain as silent as possible while, at some point, laughing again in the scene, still choking in the back, then appears slightly frightened at the bear next to him, who finally climbed to the ground.

Marshak said the little bears were probably four years old and siblings whose mother may have recently left them alone because they are already able to support themselves. The hunters did not harm the bears. Marshak said they wanted to kill a larger bear that could fill the fridge with meat. He claims that he even managed to drop the bear he was looking for after a few days.

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