Hungary was not invited to the American Democracy Summit, and the government expressed concern about this

Türkiye is not on the guest list either.

Once again, Turkey and Hungary were missing from the list of invitees to the democracy summit organized by the United States for the second time this year. people talk.

According to the newspaper article, the Biden administration is expecting the leaders of 121 countries on March 28-30. For a conference that includes personal and virtual events, where combating authoritarian regimes, combating corruption, and supporting human rights will be discussed.

Nepszava directed questions to the US Embassy in Budapest about the reason for Hungary’s absence, which confirmed that the White House had not invited the Hungarian government to the Democracy Summit scheduled for the end of March.

The embassy spokesperson said the 121 foreign partners who participated in the event were invited based on their government’s commitment to promoting democratic principles. He added that the Hungarian government had expressed concern about not being invited to attend the summit and to obtain more information Victor Urban The paper was directed to the Cabinet.

In addition to the United States, the current summit events will be held in three other countries: Costa Rica, South Korea, the Netherlands and Zambia. on some occasions Joe Biden The US President is also involved, as stated in the article.

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