Hungary is Ukraine's second largest enemy

Hungary is Ukraine’s second largest enemy

111 political experts participated in the list.

Ukrainian political scientists and analysts of international politics have compiled a ranking of Ukraine’s friends and enemies. Russia comes second in the list of enemies, and Hungary is second – writes Carpathian News.

111 political experts participated in the list. In their opinion, last year Lithuania was Ukraine’s best friend and Russia’s biggest enemy. And 66% of analysts voted for a best friend, while 92% considered Moscow the biggest enemy.

And 54 percent of experts described Hungary as the second most hostile country. Belarus (45%) is ranked third, ahead of Armenia (6%) and Serbia (5%).

Among Ukraine’s best friends are Livonia, Canada (43%), the United States (41%), Britain (32%) and Poland (30%).

a Based on a poll conducted by the Foreign Policy Council named the Ukrainian post, he wrote that there was still some improvement in the perception of Russia, as in 2019 it was still called a 99% enemy.

in the beginning of the year Ihor ZsovkvaThe vice president of the president’s office wrote in the political weekly that Kiev seeks to build mutual trust and supportK this year with Hungary. Volodymyr Zelenskij In his planned meeting with Prime Minister Viktor Orban, the President will explore the possibility of a constructive dialogue on sensitive issues.

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