Hungary is not planning to impose new restrictions until the holiday

Hungary is not planning to impose new restrictions until the holiday

Laszlo Koffer, Speaker of Parliament, had a videoconference with his Austrian colleague, Wolfgang Sopotka – Zoltan Zelagi, Parliament Press Spokesperson, informed MTI on Tuesday.

According to the announcement, in a one-hour meeting initiated by the president of the Austrian National Council, the two speakers briefed each other in detail on the epidemiological situation in Austria-Hungary, the current restrictive measures, the economic management of the epidemic, and the Hungarian and Austrian budgets for this year and next year. , On the vaccine forecast and planned outbreak management steps in the coming period.

Wolfgang Sopotka said Austria’s current austerity measures are being relaxed, which will be taken step-by-step until the Christmas holidays, and Laszlo Koffer told his colleague that given the current virus situation in Hungary, there is no need for more. Targeted by the Hungarian government measures.

In the second part of the conversation, the two sides talked about the impact of political Islam on European Christian civilization, as well as issues of asylum and immigration.

Parliament presidents discussed the background to Hungary’s veto on the EU’s next multi-year financial framework and recovery fund.

Laszlo Cuvier stressed that the European Council in July established a framework for negotiations, which neither the European Commission nor the European Parliament can bypass, because the compromise was drawn up by heads of state and government and no EU institution was approved by sovereign European heads of state. May exceed.

Finally, the speakers also spoke briefly on the issue of expansion in the Western Balkans, expressing a common and supportive position.

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