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Hungary has also received notice from Brussels

Hungary has also received notice from Brussels

A Commission spokesman said: “We are aware that some member states have taken unilateral measures regarding grain imports from Ukraine. The important thing now is for all countries to act in a spirit of compromise and act constructively.”

The news agency states that the flow of Ukrainian grain to neighboring countries affected the income of local farmers and led some governments to ban agricultural imports from Ukraine, which is under national jurisdiction.

On Friday, the affected countries announced the continuation of the ban:

The European Union intervened in May to prevent individual countries from taking unilateral measures and imposed its own ban on imports from Ukraine to neighboring countries. Under the EU ban, Ukraine can export through these countries, provided the products are sold elsewhere.

The European Union allowed the ban to expire on Friday after Ukraine pledged to take measures to tighten controls on exports to neighboring countries.

The issue is particularly sensitive in Poland, where elections are scheduled for October and where farmers are major voters for the ruling nationalist Law and Justice party.

Poland, Slovakia and Hungary announced on Friday that they would maintain their own restrictions on grain imports from Ukraine despite the Commission’s decision.

“We are now focusing on implementing and operationalizing the announced new system,” a Commission spokesman said, adding that a meeting with representatives of all interested EU countries on Monday will provide an opportunity to further discuss the issue.

Cover image source: Anna Kupirska via Getty Images

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