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Hungary could spend thousands of billions on climate protection

Hungary could spend thousands of billions on climate protection

Almost 950 billion HUF of domestic investment funded by the European Union contributes 100% to achieving climate protection goals in the areas of energy, circular economy and water management.

Hungary could use 5,797.1 billion HUF in the resources of the European Union Resource Recovery Facility (RRF) in the coming years, 51 percent of which will be used to meet local climate protection targets in accordance with European Union directives. This percentage is 100% in three of the nine areas of intervention, including the Energy Green Transition Zone, the Circular Economy (353 billion) and Water Management (163.51) with a budget of 428.1 billion HUF.

Hungary’s strategic goal is to increase the share of carbon-free electricity production from the current 60 percent to 90 percent by 2030, and the installed PV capacity will exceed 6,000 MW by 2030 and close to 12,000 by 2040. From the current 1,825 MW.

The implementation of the program will contribute to increasing the share of renewable energy in electricity generation, ensuring the necessary regulatory conditions and encouraging related investments. The share of renewable energy in total final energy consumption was measured at 13.33 percent in 2017 and the target is at least 21 percent by 2030. To this end, an increase of 3 percentage points is expected over the new capacity of 1070 megawatts implemented under the program, which may They are supported by small-sized home-sized power stations on the one hand, and grid-powered power stations greater than 0.5 MW on the other hand.

Photo: Arpad Koroch / Hungarian Nation

Greenhouse gas emissions are to be reduced by 305.2 thousand tons per year, one-third of which is expected from residential solar panels and two-thirds from renewable energy use at the power plant level.

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Incidentally, emissions are down 31.9 percent by 2017 compared to 1990, but by 2030, the target will be at least 40 percent. The program supports one hundred percent of the construction of residential solar energy systems, and in conjunction with the conversion of heating systems, 251.2 billion HUF will be allocated for this purpose. On the residential level, the use of heat pumps will also be encouraged, as approximately 400 MW of installed capacity will be achieved by 2030, while 62 MW were recorded in 2017 and 148 MW in 2019, the latter figure may be behind around 15,000 households. . The use of heat pumps is supported by the fact that the technology itself is more efficient than non-condensing gas boilers and biomass boilers, that is, the amount of energy used can be reduced without further measures.

There will also be 109.4 billion for new PV capacity for renewable energy, but here the subsidy intensity is only 45 percent, while the development of the network of transmission system operators and distributors (103.7 billion) and the spread of smart meters (29 billion) could be 50 percent financing. Recovery fund.

Intervention on several fronts

The transition to a circular economy component also covers the tasks of waste management and wastewater treatment. In Hungary, the rate of preparation and recycling of paper, metal, plastic and glass waste, which is part of household and household waste, was 46.93 percent in 2018, while the European Union target was 50 percent by 2020 and 50 percent by 2018.2035. The goal increases by 5-5 percentage points every five years. Moreover, the water management component interventions were designed to make companies and their employees in the agricultural sector more resilient and prepared for a potential new crisis. | VG

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